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Simon Valdenaire

Simon Valdenaire graduated from Kedge Business School, where he specialized in European Business. In 2010, he founded SENSD, the Students' European Network for Sustainable Development, that he developped through its two years of academic exchanges, spent Vilnius and Brussels. He then joined the IDEX international fellowship program, conducted by the American Foundation Gray Matters Capital, which immersed him a year in a social enterprise, Samhita Social Ventures, a CSR consultancy firm based in Mumbai. He will obtain at the end of the program a certificate in social entrepreneurship, issued by the Monterey Institute of International Studies.
Simon was also Youth Ambassador to the European Commission, and founded the open access information database CSR-Resources.com. Now back in his hometown of Avignon, in France, he embarks on the adventure of entrepreneurship to accompany SMEs to obtain labels and certifications in sustainable development.

Amita Deshpande

Amita has experience working in the sustainability/CSR field for 7 years now. She has rich experience working with CRedit360 LLC in the US for its North American clients, with Samhita Social Ventures in Mumbai for Indian MNCs and with several non-profit organizations working in India. She has recently founded a social enterprise in India, Aarohana EcoSocial Developments working for sustainable development at the grassroot level.
With her deep understanding of sustainability in its triple bottomline sense, she brings to the table proficiency in strategic consulting, designing sustainable projects, managing them at the grassroots and ensuring their transparent monitoring and reporting. With her boundless energy and experience, Amita is an asset to our team. she will handle our India business and will support the global consulting team as needed.

Clément Barnicaud

Clément Barnicaud-Jacquet is responsible for the legal aspect in the field of Social law. Clement finds it pivotal to empower companies to put themselves in accordance with the Social Security and labour law legislation. This accordance is building a healthy collaboration between employer and employees and a calm social climate with the aim of the good running of the company. He studied Social law at the “Institut d’Etudes du Travail” of Lyon during his Master 1 degree and continued his studies with a Master 2 degree “Professions juridiques et administratives” at Catholic university of Lyon. He’s currently preparing the exam to enter the regional lawyers school of Lyon. He enjoys playing tennis and he’s interested by independent movies. 

Sharav Sadhu

Sharav is the System Analyst/Developer at CSR-resources with an extensive experience in CS. He is familiar with programming languages and has been a developer on facebook platform. He has been working with several charities namely the Thunder Foundation, helping out in making of the first free school in Kikuyu, Kenya, where food, education and healthcare is taken care of for 25 very needy children who have bad histories and bad health. Sharav wants to use technology for social causes and wants to help out communities with new softwares and technologies. Sharav is working on 2 personal projects to help the betterment of infrastructure and development of "sustainable cities". He is a very passionate and practised photographer and frequently makes documentaries as a hobby also clicks pictures and publishes them on galleries.