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Accor Hotels - Mallikka Sewing Project

Accor India has been supporting Nireekshana, HIV/AIDS focused NGO based in Hyderabad since 2007. This partnership was strengthened in 2009 through the Mallika Sewing Project, where women affected by HIV/AIDs are provided with an income-generating skill in traditional crafts. Accor lends its extensive business network to help promote and sell the products made through the Mallika Sewing Project, thereby contributing to the sustainability of the program, where profits generated from the sale of products part-fund the project.

Speaking on this programme, Ashwin Shirali, Director, Human Resources, Accor India says,
“Today in the Asia Pacific, Accor has taken the industry lead with integrated social and environmental programs, in all of the countries with which it operates. In India, Accor is combating epidemic by providing means of self-support to families affected by AIDS. According to UNICEF, India is home to the world's third largest group of people suffering from HIV/AIDS estimated 2.1 million, many of whom are poor and have little or no access to health. We are committed to fighting the disease through strategic employee-awareness initiatives and results-oriented actions.”