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Caisse D'Epargne - Employee Environmental Awareness

A partnership with the WWF was launched in July 2003 revolving around the following three areas:
- Promote more sustainable management of natural, cultural and human affairs in France.
- Development of solutions in relation to the core business of the group Caisse D'Epargne.
- Awareness of employees, shareholders, customers and partners to the problems of the environmental impact of human activity and sharing innovative solutions, combining the skills of the WWF with the Group Caisse D'Epargne.

In 2003, the partnership is expressed in concrete actions:
- Numerous training sessions were organized for sustainable development in the context of lifelong learning within the group by representatives of WWF which occurred at the local level.
- The sessions aimed at shareholders and managers of local agencies.
- Environmental criteria have been introduced in the selection process of local economic and social projects, so that these projects affect on the Environment and encourage the development of projects taking into account the protection of the environment.
- The clients as local authorities and associations have been informed about the pilot projects of WWF France, including the project "sustainable living."
For the group, the partnership has proved beneficial in several respects. It brought a new vision and a new approach, as well as the possibility of discovering new concepts and pilot projects.
In addition, it has led to a collaboration that went beyond the usual activities of the group, including an opening to the field of ecology.
Among the challenges to be overcome include some variation in the methods and pace of work of both partners, as well as conflicts over interests and issues are not always compatible.
The challenge of such a partnership is the focus on action based on the core business, so that it doesn't becomes a simple sponsorship.