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ClickMedix - Mobile Health Tools

Leading U.S based social enterprise, ClickMedix has announced it will join the Business Call to Action (BCtA) with plans to provide more than 1,000 community-based nurses, physicians, and health workers with mobile smartphone technologies to help them improve care for more than 1 million underserved patients.

ClickMedix equips physicians, nurses, and health workers with mobile smartphones running a ClickMedix application to screen for health risks and transmit information about patients’ symptoms – including images, videos, and decision-tree based triage data – to remote specialists who in turn respond with diagnosis and customized treatment instructions. These patient-facing health professionals serve as the “eyes and hands” of remote medical experts who virtually extend their care, while learning about how to treat various symptoms.

By leveraging mobile technology, ClickMedix has initiated coverage in 13 countries using its mobile-phone powered healthcare program to provide treatment and reach residents in remote or underserved communities. Using a special One-Click model, the company has helped expedite life-improving treatments for patients with cancer, heart conditions, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS, while creating jobs for community and home-based healthcare services.

In India, where much of the economy relies on mobile technology for information, ClickMedix provides the necessary technology to train health providers and workers to use mobile devices for public health intervention. The company expects to train an estimated 1,000 new community health care workers, in collaboration with partners such as Medtronic.