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IBM - On Demand Community

In India, IBM’s On Demand Community supports over 15000 IBM volunteers working  in their communities, equipping them with resources for community organisations and  schools across a range of IBM’s core capabilities. In India, volunteers are helping people  with visual disabilities, providing education to underprivileged children, and much more.
The On Demand Community intranet site is a repository for almost 40 specific solutions, or kits of downloadable materials, tailored for both schools and nonprofit organizations. The solutions include hundreds of related state-of-the art online presentations, videos, Web site reference links, software tools and documents to increase volunteers’ effectiveness in these areas. There is also a volunteer activity management tool, enabling volunteers both to search for volunteer opportunities of interest to them and post information about them.

• Company level: Recognition
- IBM recognized by the President at a White House event for its volunteer programmes 
- Interbrand’s 2008 Best Global Brands 
- IBM’s chief procurement officer named Supply Chain Manager of the Year

•  Employee level:
- Belief in the organization
- Understanding of business context and better picture
- Wellbeing resulted from coinducting impactful activities
- Rewarding system