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Johnson & Johnson - Stayfree Women for Change

Stayfree ®, under the aegis of Stayfree Women for change initiative has associated with Nadathur Trust in the ‘Support a Woman’ program. Nadathur trust is an NGO set up by Infosys co-founder, N. S. Raghavan, to propagate strategic giving and facilitate change-driven programs on the ground. The entire program has been designed and will be implemented in partnership with Samhita Social Ventures Pvt Ltd, thereby capitalizing on Samhita's vast network of and experience with NGOs to design and implement the first-ever nation-wide program on women's menstrual health.
The 'Support a Woman' program aims to improve the health and hygiene of adolescent girls and women in India by giving them access to health and hygiene amenities they would not have otherwise got.
You too can contribute to this program and improve the life of a girl or woman, who in turn will change the lives of many girls and women around her.

Each beneficiary will be covered for a period of six months, starting from the first health check-up. At the beginning of the program, a baseline survey will be conducted to assess knowledge and current health and hygiene practices. After the survey is conducted, each girl will be trained in proper health and hygiene practices. Each participant will have a health check-up by a registered health care professional and will receive a health kit containing Iron-Folic Acid and Calcium tablets as well as sanitary napkins. Towards the end of the program, a second health check-up will occur, as well as a post-survey to monitor and track changes in knowledge and health and hygiene practices.