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Kodak - Photovoice

When Kodak was looking for a partnership to support their growing presence in China and their market expansion into western provinces, it looked for a credible global NGO with a strong presence in the region. They found one in The Nature Conservancy, with whom they already had a long-standing relationship. The Nature Conservancy proposed
an innovative program that would provide cameras and film to remote villagers in order to learn about local priorities and needs in southwestern China. The project, Photovoice, was an integral part of The Nature Conservancy’s effort with local government agencies to establish nature reserves, protected areas, and other conservation objectives.

The project was based on a concept developed in the early 1990s by the University of Michigan, Duke
University, and the Ford Foundation to use cameras and writing to stimulate learning and community
awareness. The project was managed and carried out locally by The Nature Conservancy, with Kodak
providing technical support regarding the photographic equipment and imaging, in addition to the cameras and film. A cross-functional team from Kodak, involving representatives from EH&S, engineering, research and  development, and communications, as well as leaders from its imaging business, were involved in the design and execution of the project.