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Lafarge - NIDHEE

NIDHEE in Hindi means ‘Community Wealth’. Various activities related to Dwellings and Rural Infrastructure Development
as well as Health and Safety, Education and Employment were initiated. A need was felt to create a dedicated vehicle for supporting Lafarge India’s commitment to community development programmes, and thus NIDHEE came into being. 

1. Health and safety initiatives

- Surakshit Bharat: A Safe India: The programme, called Surakshit Bharat or Safe India was initiated in villages around our Sonadih Cement Plant. The objective was to increase awareness and stimulate behavioral change of rural population towards road safety. The target audience were school children and village adults.
- Eye Camps: Lafarge through its foundation NIDHEE, provided 3 days support to the operated patients admitted in the center with lunch and breakfast provided.
- Safety Walls in Rural Areas: Wall paintings were done, each carrying a specific message on safety.
- Swasth Bharat: A Healthy India: The aim is to establish a fully functional, need based, decentralized health delivery system to fulfill the vision of “Health for All.”
- Community Health Centers and Health Checkup Camps

2. Employability initiatives 

- Saksham Bharat: Capable India: Unemployment is a stark reality for many youngsters in our country. The situation is no different in the villages of Chattisgarh, close to the Sonadih Plant.
- Ek Mouka :Helping a 100 Youth Start Their Careers
- Sewing & Knitting Center: (Affiliated with Usha International, Bhopal)

3. Education initiatives

- Sakshar Bharat: A Literate India: Popularizing education among the local communities is an important area of work for the company.
- Computer training classes

4. Dwellings initiatives  

- Village Infrastructure  Development: such intervention method ensures that villagers have access to facilities that they are in dire need of thus, elevating the standard of living of the rural population.
- Installation of Handpumps in Villages
- Pond deepening

5. Environmental initiatives

- Plantation activities