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Lafarge - The "Conservation Partnership"

The "Conservation Partnership" with the WWF began in 2000 to work on managerial solutions and develop performance indicators on these key issues: strengthening Lafarge Environmental Policy, CO2 emissions, biodiversity and ecology of the forest.
The Lafarge Group is committed since March 2000 in a worldwide partnership agreement with WWF.
For the Group, this partnership reflects a conviction that its policy towards the environment will be ultimately a competitive advantage for the company.
As part of this partnership, Lafarge, including finalized its policy of quarry rehabilitation and integrated biodiversity strategy to promote the ecological restoration of quarries, established indicators and targets for environmental performance, and published its first sustainability report in 2001.

The Group is committed on four priorities:
• Further reduction of emissions
• the introduction of a global measurement and management performance of their
biodiversity in quarries.
• Promotion of products and systems for sustainable building among stakeholders through construction projects and construction practices with progress ecological indisputable.
• The deployment of actions on the ground