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Naya Jeevan - Healthplan

Innovative social enterprise Naya Jeevan has announced a commitment to ensure that more than 39,000 low-income workers in Pakistan have access to affordable, quality healthcare by 2015. In addition the company plans to distribute an estimated USD 14.8 million in health claim benefits to its healthplan beneficiaries by 2019.

To meet one of the largest developmental challenges in Pakistan, a country with more than 180 million people, Naya Jeevan provides workers earning less than $150 a month with access to a nationwide network of credentialed healthcare providers. By buying basic, group health insurance plans in bulk volume, Naya Jeevan creates value by packaging these plans with highly valued services that are tailored to meet the needs of low-income markets. Some of these services include 24/7 access to family medical doctors via mobile phone, discounted access to primary care services, preventive health education and an institutionalized health rescue fund for uninsurable conditions. Naya Jeevan partners with large multinationals, local businesses, schools and other institutions to provide a much needed health plan for all workers in the value chain.

“We applaud innovative companies whose business models rely on unique partnerships that have a direct impact on the improvement of the quality of healthcare and screening services as part of their value proposition and market approach. The company is responsive to the need for primary healthcare and has initiated an approach to meet these needs,” said Sahba Sobhani, Acting Programme Manager, Business Call to Action.

Naya Jeevan is the first Pakistan based company to join the BCtA through its market based approach to providing health insurance. The company works as a registered health insurance intermediary and operates an in-house team of family doctors that focus on the delivery of quality healthcare services to program beneficiaries. The company also works with five insurance underwriters, targeting low-income workers and facilitating the co-financing of healthcare coverage for low-income communities.

“Our model works to help the double bottom line of companies and entities that employ large numbers of low-income workers by institutionalizing a system, whereby value chains are incented or rewarded for their market performance. We hope this concept of shared value can continue to be expanded within corporate value chains,” said Dr. Asher Hasan, Founder and CEO of Naya Jeevan.

The company plans to continue to work with a number of key partners, scale up its innovative intervention and replicate the healthplan in the US, Mexico and other parts of the emerging world.

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