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Pernod-Ricard - Health Dispensaries

Pernod Ricard India has many locations and production sites in India. In some regions where the Group is present, medical institutions are few and far between. Thus Pernod Ricard India set up dispensaries and undertakes prevention campaigns. As such, the dispensaries in Nasik (set up in 2004), Gurgaon (2006) and Behror (2007), located close to the Pernod Ricard India distilleries, have already welcomed 37,000, 92,000 and 55,000 patients respectively. Qualified doctors also visit the neighbouring villages to make consultations easier and to provide medicine free of charge.

In addition, Pernod Ricard undertakes prevention campaigns for health, designed to raise awareness among the local population, and to identify potentially dangerous illnesses. For example, in Behror, truck drivers seldom see an ophthalmologist, and do not wear glasses because of the price. This causes health and safety problems that affect the community as a whole. In 2012, Pernod Ricard India set up an awareness-raising and sight test programme for drivers and their families. The subsidiary also provided glasses free of charge.

Lastly, Pernod Ricard India helps to train the partially-sighted to read Braille, and helps those with a disability to improve their employability.