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Randstad - Diabolo

Diabolo is a project of Randstad Job & Co and association conducted in the region of Ghent since May 2005. DIABOLO together the strengths and expertise of Randstad Diversity, Job & Co and others active in the labor market in Ghent approach to diversity. Job & Co asbl working since 1980 on the subject of discriminated groups and employability.
Via the project DIABOLO, Job & Co makes its expertise available to collaborate coaching skills for job seekers from discriminated groups. Randstad Diversity has been active for more than 10 years in the field of diversity. Their strength lies mainly in their knowledge of the job market and businesses. The objective of this project, supported by the European Social Fund, is to create together innovation through diversity.

The following activities were undertaken:
- Advice in the adaptation of HR processes
- Coaching practice and guidance of the company and the employee in the workplace,
- Update long-term work for discriminated groups.
The project approach is to be a crossroads: the company as well as the candidate receive a follow-up measure. Indeed, it is only when HR processes have been permanently adapted that we can speak of a sustainable approach. The partners have as objective the optimal integration of the worker into a dynamic enterprise culture.