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Renault - RASSI

Accidentology in india: understanding prevents accidents:

Each year 120,000 Indians die in traffic accidents. This huge number has increased six-fold in the past thirty years. Located in India, Renault has decided to contribute to reducing this curve. As opposed to France and Europe, in India, Renault does not have any studies on accidentology to contribute to road safety. The Group has decided to join an Indian accidentology consortium, RASSI, in a joint effort with Nissan, Daimler and Bosch for a three-year time frame. The objective: studying what triggers accidents and their consequences in and around cars (80% of accidents in India involve pedestrians) in the outskirts of the city of Coimbatore, near the Chennai plant. This scientific data will allow targeted actions on Renault and Nissan vehicles (in a partnership with the RNTBCI Chennai Research & Development Centre), on infrastructures and behaviour to be rolled out. These will be used as data to discuss with the local government to define and set up targeted and efficient societal actions.

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