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Safran - SESI Environment

SESI contributes to the betterment of environment by adopting the concept of REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE.

Elimination of paper cup usage: 
SESI has eliminated paper cup usage by introducing eco friendly water bottles for drinking water purpose. By implementing this we could save 360000 units of paper per year and contribute to mother earth by bringing down our carbon foot print.

Wealth out of waste: In this program we dispose our dry waste to a reputed recycler for recycling at their environment friendly plant. In return SESI receives note pads which are made out of recycled paper.

Conservation of natural resources:
The following actions were implemented as part of Go Green Initiatives at SESI:
- An awareness campaign among employees to optimize electricity usage.
- Set default printer option to print 2-sided to avoid the paper wastages.
- De-lamping was done where excess lighting was seen.
- Adjusted the thermostats to optimize energy usage in the HVAC system. A one-degree change can save 10 percent of HVAC running cost.

All the above actions were supported by an active campaign in the organization through posters, stickers and screen savers having environmental sustenance messages.

These best practices resulted in SESI winning the “Environment Award” in 2012 at the First Edition of the CSR Impact Prize organized by Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France (CCEF) in collaboration with the French Trade Commission in India (Ubifrance) and the Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IFCCI).