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Scripta - Ethical Marketing

Scripta regulates the national markets advertising space from media centers newspapers, advertising agencies and advertisers. This is an SME where 22 people work. It is by going to Senegal a few years ago and discovered this resourceful population, but greatly impoverished that its CEO, Serge De Schryver, has said that the communication in all its forms, could certainly bring a little more to these people. For example, in drawing the attention of mothers on the need to respect some basic rules of hygiene. Thus was born, in 2003, the idea of ​​replacing the traditional advertising festival with a long weekend in Dakar, and to take 80 advertising and media experts - owners, creative directors, commercial - for their discover local projects, both workshopsin which street children learn to sew or make memories,  minientreprises who grow salads for hotels or even family planning centers.

This project was organized with three NGO partners Frères des Hommes, Mensenbroeders and local NGO Enda Graf. In return, the association Baobab was formed in order to "promote cultural exchanges, social, economic ties with African countries and contribute directly or indirectly to equitable and sustainable development of Africa's people."
Among the projects completed include the construction of a house associations in Dakar, the creation of a comic book that illustrates the benefits of health insurance fund or support to micro-finance.