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Société Générale - Talent Scholarship Programme

There is a severe employability skill gap in many countries and hence, companies have begun luring talent through different initiatives including CSR activities.

SG GSC, a subsidiary of the France based Societe Generale Group, has launched a unique scholarship program - 'SG GSC India Talent Scholarship', as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative to promote professional education for students with financial constraints.

Students with financial difficulties have been selected to renowned Indian professional institutes/ universities. For This academic year, SG GSC has offered scholarships to 11 students from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore; Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode; and International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore.

Nippi Kochhar, CEO of SG GSC said "India has tremendous intellectual capital which doesn't surface in view of lack of the ability of the individual to afford exposure through good renowned Indian Institutes. It is SG GSC's attempt to make this possible for few highly deserving students through financial assistance".