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Suez - RISE

For both partners, the project development objective is long-term reduction of 95% water and sanitation deficiencies. The water is a primary need, its accessiblity is a fundamental element of human development. The project is Rise and Suez had two objectives in Manaus, Brazil:
- Provide access to safe drinking water for populations most favored
- Establish local development programs to enable long-term benefit to the local population.

For Suez, the main benefits were acquiring new customers and expanding their service area water distribution to the most deprived, while greatly improving their health.
4670 families received access to clean water, the majority of illegal connections of water distribution network has been rectified, the cost of water fell through local pricing negotiated by local communities and Suez. In addition, two local associations related to the project were able to collect 2,000 reais (700 Euros), through their contract with Suez, thus constituting a social fund community.