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SEVA, the TATA Motor's employee engagement programme Mumbai and Than is an example on how the CSR team directly involves the employees in social initiatives. Launched in March 2010, SEVA now boasts about 100 employee volunteers. The next step is to involve the relatinves of SEVA members who are also interested in joining the programme. Currently, SEVA partners with 7 NGOs, covering educations, employability, environment, and the welfare of the elderly to provide opportunities suitable to the interest of each volunteers.

Five levels strategy at TATA group: 
- The first level is concerned with the employees’ dignity and competence, and the organisation’s duty in respecting these.
- The second level focuses on facilitating employees with suitable equipment, systems and a conducive environment. 
- At the third level, trustworthy relationships with employees should be nurtured through an inclusive approach. 
- The fourth level is concerned with showing the organisation’s commitment towards employee engagement by capturing the voice of employees proactively. 
- At the fifth level, the organisation needs to work towards providing employees with the right sense of responsibility and purpose.