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Thomas Cook - Promotion of Sustainable Tourism

Established in 2003 on the initiative of Havas Voyages and concluded for a period of three years, its purpose is to:
- Educate customers on Sustainable Development at the resort creating a "Charter of the Voyageur"
- To train employees in sustainable development issues,
- To increase the consideration of social and environmental concerns in group decisions (development and product management, control of suppliers, local staff)
- To contribute to the development of sustainable tourism by participating in sustainable development projects of CARE.

In 2003, the main results have occurred in the field of Internet management with the creation of an ethics committee and a training program for employees. In the area of ​​customer relations, a traveler's guide ethics was created.
In cooperation with various destinations appeal has been launched to local agencies to participate in the sustainable development effort. Finally, the partners have defined a set of indicators "sustainable tourism for hotels run by Thomas Cook."
In 2004, internal training efforts continued. News of fundraising operations have been initiated, a study on the social and environmental impact of holiday villages was conducted. An information campaign was launched to the public on sustainable tourism with the "Visa for a responsible traveler." Thomas Cook France joined the Tour Operator Initiative (TOI) for the sharing of best practices in sustainable tourism.
Both partners are satisfied for the moment and hope that the project will soon be an international dimension.