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TOTAL - Participative Development Project

In 2002, Total has decided to support a program development in the Niger Delta in the coastal region of Nigeria. To do this the partnership with Pro-Natura has been established to start a process of participatory development to benefit 100,000 people residing in the states The Rivers State and Akwa Ibom. The participatory approach is to help local communities to develop their own development plans and realize them within a framework of local democracy under the format of two Foundations working specifically in the regions of: Opobo / Nikoro and Eastern Obolo.

The particularity of this partnership is its holistic approach to local development by integrating economic, social and environmental aspects. It shows how the impact of an undertaking in a region goes beyond its immediate activity. For Total, it turned out to be the opportunity to become an actor in sustainable local development and Pro-Natura, a new opportunity to contribute to human development through a participatory approach.