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Total - Quartz Safety Month

TOTAL India is embarking on a new initiative to create greater awareness on safe driving practices by organizing TOTAL Quartz Safety Run event in association with Big 92.7 FM – one of the leading radio stations in India. The activity is being undertaken across 20 cities in across India.

Beginning 4thOctober 2012, a TOTAL Quartz Safety Month will also be celebrated on Big FM stations. During this month, various aspects of road safety such as hazards of drinking and driving, speaking on mobile phone while driving, over speeding, not wearing seat belts etc. will be discussed on the FM.

Listeners will be educated about the importance of road safety and safe driving practices through messages delivered by leading personalities over the FM radio. These safe driving messages will also be delivered through campaigns at shopping malls, housing societies as well as through hoardings, internet, mobile SMS and newspaper advertisements. Vehicle owners will be requested to take a pledge to follow safe driving practices and participate in TOTAL Quartz Safety Run to support the cause of improving road safety. This initiative is being supported by traffic police, NGOs, national celebrities and, government authorities.