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Vinci - TARA

The VINCI Foundation was established in May 2002, illustrating the VINCI Group's determination to be a lasting partner in
the community and the human lives for which the group builds and manages a large number of infrastructures.

Corporate Philanthropy: Tara NGO

Growing up safely in New Delhi Tara, a home for children who have been abandoned or victims of any kind of trafficking, opened its doors in New Delhi, India, in 2008. It is helping twenty boys rediscovering childhood, grow up in safety and prepare for the future by providing them with an education and making them a part of the local social, cultural and economic fabric. Basic care and cultural and sport activities make up the schedule. For the oldest who must leave at 18, Tara is developing a work placement programme.

> support: €15,000 for the purchase of a minibus to transport the children to and from school and on weekend outings.