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Canadian Citizen Groups Join USA Private Sector Funding Movement to Strengthen Opportunity for Canada’s Youth

posted Apr 18, 2014, 5:46 AM by CSR Resources
Vancouver, USA, April 18, 2014 / The goal of this International alliance is to redistribute credit and debit card bank processing fees to help fund Canadian youth initiatives, which is a high priority in all Canadian Provinces. Coralee Oakes, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, recognizes the importance of investing in our youth: “Through BC Creative Futures strategy, we are annually investing $6.25 million in programs that foster a creative workforce by providing arts opportunities to young British Columbians. I encourage you to continue working in partnership with British Columbia’s business community to further develop Swipe4TheKids in the province,” encouraged Oakes.

Patrick Schmied and and Ashvin Abraham, Brand Ambassadors for Swipe4TheKids in Canada, have helped lead the charge in Vancouver: “The Canadian Business sector has been extremely receptive to the program and progress has developed sooner than expected. I am excited to be a part of such a unique and fresh model for social sustainability. The moment I heard about Swipe4TheKids, I knew this was meant for Canada’s future.”

Canadian early adopters of Swipe4TheKids include an eclectic mix of supporters, well-established independent businesses and affiliated youth programs spread out over several Provinces and Territories. One participant is George Chronoupolos, Managing Director of Royal Riviera Mens & Ladies Salon. His vision for the last fifty years has brought in patrons from American Presidents, Industrialists, and high profile entertainers. Another partner is Ontario Publisher Michael Brooke of Concrete Wave Magazine, who created Longboarding For Peace, a movement that promotes tolerance through skateboarding. Amesbury Middle School in Toronto is serving as a pilot program, where funds from participating merchants will help Brooke’s Longboarding For Peace expand into schools all across the Country.

Other participants and affiliates include: Canadian-based Cackleberrie’s Connection, North American Distributor of Cackleberries On-Line Children's Education system; Dr. George Mueck and The Mueck Group; Mel Zajac of Zajac Ranch for Children; Glendale Automotive in Ancaster; and in Vancouver. Additionally, Hastings Crossings Business Improvement Association (HXBIA) has recently introduced this revolutionary program to its business community. Finally, conversations are progressing quite smoothly with several major Canadian Business groups initiated by brand representative Patrick Schmied at the urging of Premier Clark’s Office.

Mike Boccio, New York Attorney and ex-Managing Director of The Trump Organization, helped launch the program and acts as Special Advisor to PES. Mike generated the initial interest from his Canadian Associates. “When Mike Boccio first revealed the Swipe4Thekids mindset & methodology to me, I was blown away by the sheer simplicity of the model. It generates great social efficacy for youth, without burdening or inconveniencing business owner’s one iota. It’s truly a unique opportunity for the Community and for the businesses,” acknowledged Abraham.